How to create a blog?

What is Blogging? 

Blog is nothing but a website that represent or display your own written content about a subject that you want to show on your website. It includes Text,Images &Videos

How To Start A Blog?

As we discussed above about what is blogging i hope you got the basic idea about it.
I know if you are reading this then you are damn serious about starting your own blog.
So grab your pen and paper with you, because i am going to share some great and useful 
information with you all.

        Steps for creating a blog website

  • First you have to find about what is your passion and area of interest that you want to showcase into your blog. also it should be relatable to your visitors because people are not interested into subject then it is total waste of your efforts. Few subjects for your understanding like Travel,Music,Educational and so on.

  • Second step you have to do is deciding your website name like if it is related to traveling then you have to name your blog according to that Ex. travel-buddy.

  • Third step is selecting a platform. I recommend Blogger/WordPress. These websites is very good and give awesome support. Login into any of these websites with the help of your google account.  

  • Fourth step is registering your domain name on any trusted websites like go daddy or bigrock.  

  • After getting your domain name registered link your domain name with your blogging platform.

  • Fifth step is to customize your web-page your page has to look cool or else no one can going to watch it. Download free templates for your page and after downloading it go into theme section of your blogger account and press on restore and backup option and open your downloaded theme into that window and apply it.i'll  automatically gets applied to your page
                                                  How to create a blog template?

  • Congratulations now you are ready to post your first blog.

Earn from Blogging.

You can earn money from your blog website once you get more traffic on your page by displaying adds. You can do this with the help of ad sense you have to sign up in ad sense account 
read all terms and condition and then create an account.

(TIP:-Do not apply for ad-sense immediately after creating blog wait for at least 2 months, grow your page first make it user friendly get more traffic to your website) 

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